Sports Grass and Turf

Natural sports grass is the most preferred playing surface. Field sports like soccer, rugby and hockey are best played in natural grass pitches. Globally, Soccer is the most popular game with a wide and fanatic following. Rugby is one of the fastest growing games in terms of popularity and is a number one sport in some countries like New Zealand and other pacific islands, South Africa, England, Wales and many other countries . Hockey is a game that is played widely in the world too. The playing experience and the spectator experience is greatly influenced by the playing surface. Some key attributes of the sports playing pitch include; stability, greenness, drainage, evenness in color and level.

At Asepsis Limited, we have made it our duty to ensure that the playing, spectating and watching experience is great. That is the reason why we continuously seek to develop products that will serve stakeholders in the sports industry.

Soccer or football, rugby and hockey field products

  • Sports Grass and turf

Here, some of the products available include

  • Italian Soccer Grass
  • Sports bermudagrass and
  • Kikuyu grass sod
  • Goal nets

  • Goal posts

  • Hybrid grass systems. This is grass that is reinforced with artificial fiber for strength and stability

  • Grass trays

  • Perimeter netting and fencing

  • Bleachers and benches

Soccer or football, rugby and hockey field services

  • Pitch design and construction

  • Rehabilitation and resurfacing

  • Leveling grading and compacting by rolling

  • Fertilization systems

  • Irrigation systems design and installation

  • Drainage

  • Termite and insects control

  • Pavilion design and construction

Sportsground turf

Playing surface grass quality is important to players and spectators