Indoor plants have many benefits going far beyond interior design, putting aside their aesthetic beauty in our homes and offices. House plants/indoor plants have been studied extensively by scientists and professors alike and they’ve found out that they have a number of benefits to us.

  1. Indoor plants will improve the quality of air.
    There’s a general consensus among scholars and scientists that one of the benefits of indoor plants is their ability to improve the internal environment of buildings. These office plants/house plants are known to:
    ● Reduce carbon dioxide levels
    ● Decrease airborne dust levels
    ● Increase humidity and keep the air temperature low
    ● Reduce the level of certain volatile chemical compounds in the air.
    (these compounds commonly found in paints, furniture, printers
    and cleaning supplies are harmful) Some indoor plants are more adept at absorbing some of these pollutants such as the Jade plant that we stock. (see below) https://asepsis-kenya.com/product/jade-plant-potted
    The Jade plant is very good at absorbing toluene that is emitted by cars, kerosene, paints and heating oil.
    Another harmful chemical compound found mostly indoors is benzene. Out of our large variety of indoor plants, we have one plant in stock that is very good at dealing with this specific pollutant, by absorbing up to 90 % of it from the air it does an exemplary job at purifying the air.
    The Bromeliad (see below) https://asepsis-kenya.com/product/bromeliad-red is adept at purifying the air of this harmful pollutant that is commonly found in glue, paint, furniture wax and cleaning detergents.
  2. Stress reduction.
    Most of us can agree that being around greenery helps us feel at ease with our surroundings. A substantial academic research body has shown conclusively that the interior design and landscaping of buildings has a dramatic effect on the building’s occupants. This is because indoor plants/office plants create a sense/feeling of well-being for the occupants. These house plants/ office plants ensure that the atmosphere is serene and relaxed yet stimulating for the occupants. When people feel close to nature they tend to experience less levels of stress while increasing relaxation and self-esteem, hence why you should add that touch of nature to your environment with indoor plants.
  3. House plants will reduce noise.
    For a long time, plants have been used to reduce outdoor noise in areas that are neighboring busy roads. However, recent studies have shown that indoor plants actively help reduce background noise levels inside buildings too. Studies have shown that indoor plants and their leaves absorb, diffract or reflect background noise thereby enhancing interior tranquility in houses and buildings, making it more comfortable for the occupants.
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