How Broad-leaf Carpet Grass looks:

Broad-leaf Carpet Grass is also know as Buffalo Grass. A low maintenance and popular kind of lawn grass that is characterized by its broad leaves and carpet-like appearance, growing foliage between 5 – 13 cm in height. It is also known to be drought and cold tolerant.

Growth Habits:

It spreads out extensively in numerous creeping stolons and occasionally, will grow rhizomes. Buffalo grassroots are also numerous and thoroughly occupy the soil. The numerous stolons and roots form a dense sod; this broad-leaf grass also forms a dense turf that is good for ground cover and erosion control.


Buffalo grass is known to have very few insect problems. It is not prone to attacks from insects and bugs. This grass is low maintenance as it is low growing, it will not need a lot of mowing. This broad-leaf carpet grass also has a low fertility requirement, meaning that it often does not need additional fertilizer compared to other grass varieties. It’s water conservation qualities also put buffalo grass in the conversation of drought-resistant grass varieties. Without water, it survives by going dormant and revives once there’s sufficient moisture.

Ideal Locations for Growing Broad-leaf Carpet Grass and its Mowing Requirements:

Buffalo grass grows best in warm tropical regions all around East Africa. For example, it grows very well in Nairobi and its environs among other areas.

Since buffalo grass is a low growing grass variety, it requires little mowing obligations. It often grows to a maximum of 6 – 8 inches. For home lawns, mowing it to 2-3 inches is ideal as it allows the roots to grow deeper thus allowing the grass to handle heat and drought stress much better with minimal irrigation needs. It has relatively low mowing requirements.

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