Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.
Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.

Buffalo grass is a warm-season perennial short grass. It is drought, heat and cold resistance. In Kenya, Asepsis Limited is the leading supplier of buffalo grass sprigs, set in the best conditions to deter weed encroachment.

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Buffalo grass in Kenya is mainly in the form of sod and plugs. Buffalo grass is established from pieces of sod or sod plugs not less than 2 inches square. Plant the grass on well-prepared grounds. Space anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet apart, depending on how quickly you desire complete coverage. The closer they are spaced, the sooner the carpet will form.

This grass spreads by surface runners, or stolons, and seed. It forms a fine-textured, relatively thin turf with a soft blue-green color. It does not possess underground stems or rhizomes. This grass is also destroyed quite readily by cultivation. For these reasons, it can be readily removed from flower beds and gardens.

When planting, dig a hole deep enough to set the plants in so that the grass is above ground level. If the pieces of sod are covered with soil, they will die. The soil is packed around the plants. Planting is best done in moist soil or where irrigation is available. The grass is planted in early fall, spring or early summer when moisture is favorable. the grass is well-watered after planting and as needed for several weeks, thereafter.

Why Choose this grass

This grass is well recommended for low maintenance. It does not require frequent irrigation and fertilization.

The mowing rate depends on the use and kind of surface required and use of the site. With irrigation, this will remain green throughout the spring and summer. One inch of water per week is adequate to maintain a green buffalo grass turf. Without irrigation, buffalo grass will turn brown and dormant during the dry summer months. As with fertilization, excessive water promotes bermudagrass encroachment.

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