Cape Royal Grass

Cape royal is a variety of bermuda grass Cynodon dactylon.

How does Cape royal grass look

Cape royal grass is bluish in colour and can be confused with Maadi river grass. However, unlike Maadi river grass, Cape royal grass has smaller leaves and the stolons are smaller

Growth habit of Maadi river grass

Cape royal grass is a creeping lawn grass. It grows by sending stolons sideways and roots develop at each node.

Shade tolerance

Cape royal grass has poor shade tolerance and should only be grown in full sun.

Ability to out-compete weeds

Like all tight growing creeping grasses, cape royal out-competes weeds well. It however does not out-compete weeds as well as Arabic grass or Maadi river grass does.

Drought and heat tolerance

Cape royal grass has a high heat and drought tolerance

Mowing frequency

Grass mowing is determined by the objectives of the lawn owner. In general, mow the grass when it begins to look unsightly such as when there is overgrowth and when there are too many seed heads.

Where should cape royal grass be grown

Grow Cape royal in dry and hot areas where water can be scarce. Cape royal can be grown in sports facilities. It can tolerate high traffic and frequent mowing

Cold tolerance

Cape royal grass has medium cold tolerance.

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