Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.
Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.

This plan will give a complete enjoyment of a greener and healthy lawn grass and provide a complete test of your soil and aeration for deeper growth of your grass lawn.


This the most popular plan among lawn owners. It will help you know the required nutrients for your lawn soil for easier management. This plan starts from KES8,000. Below are services that are offered on this plan.

Weed Control

Weed grow quickly and destroy your lawn grass if not controlled in time. At asepsis limited we understand weed and we know how to control them. weeds are versatile and havea very effective survival mechanism. The control of weeds must take into account this characteristic for it to be effective.

Foliar Nutrient

This is one of the most effective ways to feed lawn grass with nutrients, it helps increase grass health and keep it greener.

Lawn Pest Control

At asepsis limited we will help you control all type of lawn pests. We identify the pests that are attacking your lawn and then use the least harmful product and method to control them.


One othe signs that your lawn needs professional aeration is water pooling and the other sign is lawn grass discoloring. This service will help water, nutrients and air penetrate down to the lawn grass more easily. This is by drilling small holes on the lawn soil. We will do it quarterly to keep the your lawn more healthy.

Soil Test(Annually)

It refers to analyzing of soil to determine its properties like PH and nutrient. Our team of professional will help you get accurate results. Soil testing will help you manage your lawn soil fertility, minimize fertilizer usage, avoid soil degration.

free recommendations/reports

Our team of lawn grass doctor will scout your lawn and then identify diseases, pests and other problems affecting your lawn grass. We will then give you a easy to understand report and recommendations.


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