In Kenya, fencing not only plays a key role in home security but also in the aesthetic value of exterior home design. There are many types of fencing methods that one can employ. The most used types of fences are:

  • Chain-link fencing
  • Electric fencing
  • Stone-wall fencing
  • Wrought iron fencing
  • Barbed-wire fencing
  • Wood fencing
  • Hedge fencing

Some of these methods of fencing can be used together such as stone-wall fencing and electric or barbed-wire fencing and chain-link fencing and hedge fencing.

Here, I will major in hedge fencing in this article. There are a couple of plants that are well suited to fencing such as Kei Apple, Lantana and Durantas to mention a few.

Kei Apple in specific is often used in fencing in Kenya because of its attributes.

The plant grows strong and relatively quickly with close-growing branches that allow for maximum privacy once the hedge is fully grown and well maintained. The plant’s foliage gives homeowners that much needed privacy; the plant also grows very thorny providing adequate security as it creates an almost impenetrable wall. The fence cannot be climbed or easily evaded due to the hedge’s thorny nature.

As the plant grows, pruning is done to ensure it does not overgrow the desired height and width. The plant can be sculpted into different shapes and sizes, it can be mixed with plants of different colors as well, for added aesthetic value dependent on the home owner’s tastes and preferences. This is often especially desirable with other plants and/or garden shrubs that are planted strategically inside the compound.

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