What is Bentgrass

Bentgrass Agrostis stolonifera is a beautiful grass whose use is very popular in golf course greens. It has recently become popular in high end homes and hotels in cool areas.

How does Bentgrass look like?

Bentgrass is deep green grass with fine leaves. It grows dense allowing very low mowing. These attributes make it a very beautiful grass for those who can maintain it.

Growth habit

Bentgrass has long slender stems that spread sideways. From these stems, leaves and root grow forming a very good sod.

Shade tolerance

Bentgrass can tolerate partial shade of 50 to 60% in the cool areas.

Ability to out-compete weeds

Weeds are rare in a well maintained bentgrass lawn. This can be attributed to its carpet like growth that leaves little room for weeds to grow.

Drought and heat tolerance

Bentgrass has very poor drought and heat tolerance. The viability of this grass in such areas calls for high maintenance in irrigation and cooling.

Mowing frequency

Bentgrass can withstand very regular low mowing. Mow your bentgrass based on your goals for the lawn.

Where should this grass be grown

Bentgrass is grown for luxury lawns and in golf putting greens where maintenance can be afforded. In cool areas like the very high altitudes of Kenya, it is possible to have a bentgrass lawn with minimal maintenance. Bentgrass is also suitable for bowling greens in cool areas.

Cold tolerance

Bentgrass is cold tolerant and will grow very well in cool areas. It is grown for high end lawns in cool areas. Consider this grass for high end hotels in areas such as mount Kenya, the Aberdare areas and Kenricho. The main consideration for these areas will be the availability of water. This is because in these areas, most warm season lawn grasses will not grow and the other suitable lawn grasses would either be Kikuyu grass and Arabic grass.

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