Types of lawn grass

There are many types of lawn grass. The pictures below have been taken in Kenya and they attempt to show how the various types will look like in a typical lawn. Click here to see a table that will guide you in your choice.

Asepsis Limited is the top supplier of lawn in various forms to gardeners, landscapers, developers and sports facilities. The quality of our product and service is unparalleled. Typically, you will be supplied the next day if you placed an order.  We encourage our clients to prepare the ground themselves so that they can save money. We also encourage clients to accurately determine their area accurately. This is best done in square metres. Read more to know the requirements before you place an order.

In general the fine leafed varieties are Tiffsport, Arabic, Maadi River and Cape Royal  grasses. The coarse leafed are Kikuyu, Paspalum and Zimbabwe grasses. Tiffsport, Maadi River and  Cape Royal as well as Paspalum are drought tolerant. Zimbabwe is shade tolerant but it will also grow well in full sun. Grasses that can grow in cold areas include Kikuyu, Maadi River, Cape Royal and Bentgrass. Zimbabwe and Paspalum require higher temperatures. For Soccer we recommend the  use Tiffsport, for homes we prefer the use Arabic and Zimbabwe .

Should you need to see the sites, please make prior arrangements. It is important to note that some sites are private and access may not be granted. Visit our offices to view the various samples of lawn grasses. If you see a nice lawn and you are unsure of what type it is, feel free to contact us for identification and advice.

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