Hedges are important ornamental plants in both commercial and residential landscape designs. Though they vary in size and seasons, they need regular trimming. Formative pruning is important for the first few years. It gives the hedges a balanced shape. Maintenance pruning is important upon hedges establishment.

Within a short period of time, hedges can grow too high making management difficult. Regular trimming gives the hedge a dense and nice appearance appealing to the eye.

The Importance of hedge trimming

Health improvement

To begin with, regular trimming improves the health of the hedge and reduces incidences of pests and diseases. This is because trimming ensures the removal of dead, diseased and damaged plant parts and encourages new growth.

Improvement of privacy

In addition to hedge health, trimming enables people to live in privacy around their homes. Properly trimmed hedges fill in well and give more privacy. Plant parts moving either outwards or upwards are trimmed enabling the plant to fill at the center.

Enhanced aesthetic value

 A well-trimmed and maintained hedge is an important aspect that adds value to the property when it is being sold while poorly maintained hedges lower the value of the property.

Reduces risks of damage

Trimming reduces the risks of damaging buildings and vehicles during heavy storms. Besides, trimming hedges along driveways or streets blocks traffic view. Hedges along walkways require regular trimming to prevent overgrowth. This would create a hazardous situation. Poorly maintained and untrimmed hedges tend to overgrow and can quickly take over an entire garden.  This can be quite messy and can lower the aesthetic value of our homes. It can also be difficult to fix once the hedges have overgrown.

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