Irrigation in Kenya

Irrigation in Kenya is becoming unavoidable because of climate change . In fact, Irrigation is the most important investment a grower can make to guarantee crop success.  The availability of sufficient and good quality water is extremely important and can determine the success or failure of a farming venture.

Asepsis Limited designs and installs all types of irrigation systems. We also supply all the required materials to enable water and fertilizer to reach the plant root zone. In addition to this, we can recommend and formulate fertilizers regime based on the plant needs and the growers objective.

Irrigation in Kenya is gaining acceptance at all levels. Small scale farmers are investing in irrigation systems enabling them to produce crops all year round. In homes and institutions lawn irrigation and garden irrigation is becoming very popular. This can be attributed to climate change as well as increased awareness.

For irrigation materials, brows here to buy online. You can also contact us for design and installation.

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