Landscaping, Landscape Architecture, Lawn Grass, Carpet grass and Turf


Lawn Grass, Turf and Landscaping

For Lawn Grass,Turf and Landscaping, contact Asepsis Ltd on 0792764947.  We are the largest growers and suppliers of lawn and landscaping grass in Kenya. We can design any landscape and deliver an Architectural drawing in one day. We will proceed to give you the best quality materials at the lowest costs.

Contact us for Kikuyu grass, Zimbabwe grass, Arabic grass, Italian soccer grass, Bermuda grass, Maadi river grass, Pemba grass, Paspalum and cape royal grass among other grass types. Other products that we have are hanging baskets, wooden flower pots and planters as well as all kinds of flower pots and planters.

Carpet grass

Carpet grass can save a customer money because it does not require a lot of care and the grass does not requre very fine preparation. See more details on


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