Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.
Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.

Asepsis Ltd is a leader in commercial lawn care and landscaping services in Kenya. From basic lawn care to total landscape design, we’re the single-source provider for all your landscape needs. These range from soft scape to hardscape. Call +254111050911 for lawn grasses and for any enquiry relating to Landscaping services in Kenya and Eastern Africa.

Our capabilities include the following

  • We are the number one supplier of lawn and sports grass in Kenya
  • All our designs are done by fully qualified landscape architects
  • We have access to a wide range of plants and flowers (trees, shrubs, hedge plants, ground covers, bedding plants, balcony plants, water plants and desert plants etc)
  • We have an interdisciplinary team consisting of agronomists, engineers, landscape architects, cost accountants and environmental specialists, ornamental science specialists, horticulture specialists among others. This enables us to do an impeccable job at optimized costs. It also enables us to turn requests into proposals and quotations faster as well as complying with and exceeding all regulatory requirements.
  • Should you wish to do it yourself you can consult us for landscape architecture or for supply of materials

Some of our novel and innovative products are highlighted below

Lawn grass

We have all types of lawn grasses. Contact us on +254111050911 for lawn and sports grasses.

The lawn grasses include

The sports grasses include

  • Tifsport
  • Bayview
  • Kikuyu grass
  • Arabic grass

See lawn grass comparison table

Carpet grass

Do you want to have full lawn in 30 minutes? Do you want to completely eliminate the need or reduce the cost of red soil considerably?.  Please talk to Asepsis Limited for our carpet grass and sod. We have our own carpet grass/sod farm at the high altitude area of Uplands. We can lay the green carpet the same day that you request. This can be for the following reasons. Most of the sod we have is Kikuyu grass. However other grass species like paspalum, maadi river and cape royal are also available.

  • To patch up a section of your lawn or to erase foot paths
  • For occasions like wedding to complement the red carpet or replace it all together. This would be most interesting to wedding planners, event planners and party hosts. The green carpet can also be used indoors or on concreted areas
  • For use in balconies and other concreted areas. If permanent, hydroponics techniques can be used to nourish your grass.
  • As turf in stadiums, sports grounds, playgrounds and fields/pitches
  • As garden furniture like seats/chairs, bleachers/benches and mounds or small hills. These green and soft chairs are very appealing.
  • In golf courses as preferred by green keepers and golf course superintendents

landscaping-and-lawncare_003landscaping-and-lawncare_carpet grass 2

landscaping-and-lawncare_carpet_grass 3landscaping-and-lawncare_carpet_grass 4

Water plants and swamp plants

If you need water and swamp plants indoors or outdoors, please contact us. We have a wide range of water loving plants that can give a serene feeling to any environment. With our ability to provide nutrients to nurture this plants and having a deep understanding of plant biology, we deliver a panoramic solutions to our clients.

The water plants and swamp plants product can range from miniature desktop/table top sizes to large swamps and pools.

landscaping-and-lawncare_water_plants 1

landscaping-and-lawncare_water_plants 2

Selling and hiring out of various types of potted plants

Empty pots of various sizes designs and materials are also available on order.

landscaping-and-lawncare_potted_plantslandscaping-and-lawncare_potted _plants 3landscaping-and-lawncare_potted_plants 3

landscaping-and-lawncare_potted_plants 5

Selling of balcony plants and hanging baskets

landscaping-and-lawncare_balcony_plants 1landscaping-and-lawncare_balcony_plants 2landscaping-and-lawncare_balcon_Plants 3

Desktop plants

landscaping-and-lawncare_desktop_plants 1 landscaping-and-lawncare_desktop_plants 2

Fountains and water features

Fountains and water features are popular elements of design for landscapes. Many clients requiring landscaping services in Kenya are happy to have them. These can be designed to any specification or requirement. Again, they can come in different sizes ranging from small or miniature ones( that can be placed on desks and tables) to large and even very ones. We have enough experience in the design of these features and we have installed many in and out of the country. For areas that get hot like Sudan, Southern Sudan, Northern Kenya, North Eastern Kenya and Somalia. Water features and fountains can greatly enhance the cooling in public and private areas.

water-fountains-7 water-fountain

Desktop and table top fountains and water features

These enhance the workplace feeling. They can also be placed on table tops, windowsills and on wall units. They operate efficiently and electricity consumption is minimal.

desktop_fountain 1desktop_fountain 2desktop fountain 3

Asepsis Limited Works together with you (client) to provide you with a single-source solution for all your landscape needs from basic lawn care services to total landscape design and maintenance. Take advantage of the most comprehensive range of solutions on the market, and let our team of experts custom-design a program that is a perfect fit for your commercial needs. Asepsis will offer an end to end solution i.e.

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Design
  • Planting including the placement of red soil, manure, fertilizers, mulch and other soil additives
  • Provision of rotted bougainvillea, bamboo and kei apple plants
  • Trimming and cutting to maintain the said plants and live fences or hedges.
  • Thinning, de-suckering and the removal of dead, dying and diseased plant parts
  • Provision and application of solid and liquid fertilizers and the design of hydroponics
  • Weeding, pest control application of plant growth regulators (PGRs) and foliar feeds.
  • End of season uprooting or complete removal at the request of the clients. This is especially for the hard to clear hedges like kei apple and bougainvillea.
  • Hiring out of equipment lie lawn mowers, power saws, brush cutters, spraying pumps and other gardening equipment

Asepsis Limited provides landscaping services in Kenya on offices, residences, public parks, institutions and other facilities. For existing landscapes, we can refurbish or organize the exixtimg installations.

For beauty, enhances aesthetics, great views and Panorama feel free to contact us and we will get back in a maximum time of 5 minutes during the day.

Landscaping services in Kenya are relevant for the following:

Commercial Property Owners

  • Commercial Lawn Care
  • Commercial Mowing & Manicuring
  • Property Landscape Management

Guest Services and Trade Professionals

  • Homebuilders Lawn & Landscape Program
  • Hotel & Restaurant Lawn & Landscape Care

Facility Managers

  • Campus Lawn & Landscape Care
  • Commercial Landscape Management
  • Landscape Installation Services
  • Commercial Tree & Shrub Care

  • Groundskeepers
  • Memorial Grounds Management
  • Sports Turf Management
  • Fairway Management

Vegetation Management

This is known in Kenya as bush clearing and it includes tree cutting or trimming,  The role of vegetation management is to control the growth of vegetation  or plants in a sustainable way or to take out vegetation from a site altogether with due regard to regulatory requirements . It is done where there is a risk of trees and tree branches falling buildings and houses and where trees grow along power lines (way leaves), cables, pipelines, pipes and other utilities.

Vegetation management is also done for the following reasons

  • On roads to improve visibility especially around corners
  • After a storm where trees, tree branches and hedges block roads, fall on power lines or when they fall on houses and buildings
  • Site clearance and land clearance for the purpose of construction of roads, buildings and other structures. This can include removal of hedge, tree felling or cutting, and tractor mowing.
  • Branch cutting and trimming to improve safety and security
  • Removal of trees where there is danger that their roots can compromise a building foundation or lead to cracks
  • Right of way mowing and clearing also known as line clearance
  • Easement clearance. Asepsis Limited  undertakes the clearance of way leaves and easement for new utilities. We also manage the existing utilities such as transmission lines, pipelines and new roads or paths.
  • Tree line and windbreak maintenance and clearance where applicable
  • Tree management. This ensures aesthetics and the preservation of trees is achieved. This is achieved by pruning, weeding, irrigation and other arboricultural practices.
  • Control of noxious and invasive plants and weed species .e.g. the Mathenge plant (prosopis juliflora) in Kenya.
  • On pasture and pasture lands. This control weeds and invasive plants that grow on animal and livestock grazing areas. By use of mechanical means and use of permitted selective herbicides, all types of invasive and noxious weeds can be controlled. We only use herbicides that have been licensed for pasture lands and those that have been approved by the pest control products board. While doing this re-entry (re-grazing) intervals and pre-harvest intervals are strictly observed.

On a small scale, vegetation management can be seen as the trimming of hedges and tree branches around houses, farms, offices and other similar areas


Some of the equipment at our disposal include;

  • Tractors
  • Power saws
  • Bobcats and excavators
  • Scaffolding
  • Brush cutters
  • Tractor drawn mowers, lawn mowers and gyramowers
  • Lawn Rollers
  • Hollow tiners
  • Insulated Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs) or cherry pickers

We also provide these equipment leasing or renting