Lawn Grass Diseases control

There are different lawn grass diseases that might attack your lawn. It is recommended you take care of your lawn often so as to put preventive and curative measures to counter diseases that might attack your lawn.
These diseases attack your lawn in different seasons. There are diseases for the cold, hot, and rainy season. Most of the lawn disease signs start to show during cold or hot seasons.
When you start to see diseases sign on your lawn grass, you should make sure that you call a professional lawn care company like asepsis to diagnose your lawn. We also recommend that you should not treat your lawn without knowing what disease is attacking your lawn grass. If you treat the wrong disease you will destroy your turf.

Type of lawn grass diseases and their signs.

Here is a list of the most common

  • Red thread lawn disease appears as yellow or light-green patches, when looked at closely you will notice orange-yellow spores on the grass blades. This disease is noticed during hot seasons in areas with poor circulation of air. This disease might appear if your lawn grass is poorly fertilized.
  • Brown patches lawn disease, show that the soil has a high level of nitrogen. It appears during hot and humid weather. This disease will first appear in irregular patches of brownish grass and then they affect the whole area.
  • Powdery mildew this is a fungal disease, it is common during cold seasons. This disease appears quickly in shady areas thus recommended to plant shady tolerant grass. The disease identified by white dust appearance on the leaf blades.

If you get the above signs on your lawn turf you should call an experienced professional like asepsis, we will help you in diagnosing the diseases that are attacking your turf, and then we will give the right treatment to your lawn grass.


Before we subsribed to Asepsis lawn grass disease control, we used to replant our lawn grass almost every month. Even after replanting the grass, it would still be attacked by diseases. Luckly asepsis came to our rescue, we no longer plant our lawn grass monthly.

For the last one year we have been diagonising our lawn grass wrongly and we lost half of our lawn grass. But the moment we found Asepsis Limited and subscribed to their lawn grass disease control service, they helped us treat the diseases that were attacking our lawn grass and now we can smile as our lawn grass is back to its healthy state. Thank you Asepsis

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