Lawn mowing is one of the most important management practices that keep the lawn healthy and attractive.

As in the case with other plants, grass is fast-growing hence the need to clip off the growing points. Heavily branched and dense grass is difficult to maintain tidy and in good shape

There are a variety of benefits that are associated with lawn mowing:

Aesthetic value

Regular lawn mowing gives the yard a neat and appealing appearance. Proper mowing and lawn maintenance gives a pleasant, friendly and high value atmosphere around our homes. The level of pride that we have around our homes can be measured by the homeowner’s aesthetic.

Even growth of the grass

Lawn mowing eliminates weak grass. Regular grass mowing ensures that the grass shoots are healthy which with time results in a healthy yard. A regular mowing results in strong and healthy yard. Besides, the resultant grass is short and uniform. As a result, the grass is able to exploit resources from the ground while at the same time preventing patchy spots.

Pest management

Pest infestations mainly occur in overgrown yards. Pests such as rodents and bugs are vectors of diseases and mostly thrive in tall grass (BioGreen, 2016).  Regular mowing helps to keep these pests out.

Soil fertility improvement

During mowing, part of the grass that is cut out get mulched into small pieces. These get their way into the soil as natural fertilizers once the matters decompose. Therefore, regular mowing gives the lawn a green appearance.   

Quick recovery

Incidences of diseases, pests and extreme weather are some of the factors that stress lawns. A well-maintained lawn can overcome such challenges. In addition, well-maintained lawns recover quickly from such annoyances.

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