It is sad to see your beautiful lawn damaged by pests and then it starts turning brown in color, you need not worry as Asepsis limited has your back in controlling the pests. Our experienced team will help you keep away all the pests like grubs(beetle larvae) that are completely destroying your grassroots. We will also treat your lawn with curative treatments to get your lawn back to life. At asepsis, we offer lawn pest control at an affordable price


Sometimes it is very difficult to control pests on the lawn if you aren’t sure which type of pests are attacking your lawn, here is a list of pests that might attack your lawn if not taken care of.

  1. Ants are very common in lawns they might be beneficial to your lawn as they aerate your soil. But also dangerous, if they create too many tunnels, they make the soil dry thus the grass dying and turning the leaves to the color brown.
  2. white grubs are also called curl grubs because of the fact that they are curled into a half-circle shape, these are battles larvae. At this larvae stage they are very destructive they feed on the grassroots turning the grass to be brown in color. If you notice the patches on the lawn, you will need to call our team for lawn pest control. Our experienced team will help you to control and eliminate the white grubs from your lawn.
  3. Armyworms are other types of pests that will destroy your lawn and you will require professional lawn pest control to eliminate them from your lawn. They feed on your grass leaves creating brown patches that will make your lawn grass look as if it is drought-stressed.
  4. Cutworms are the hardest type of pests to detect in a lawn. This is because their damage isn’t obvious. They usually feed during the night by creating holes on the grass leaves.

Other pests include:- firely skippers, fleas, green june beetle grubs, leafhoppers, sod webworm.

When you detect a change in the color (from green to brown) of your lawn call our team for profession pest lawn control at an affordable price.


For a long period of time we have been struggling to eliminate pests on our lawn, one of our friends referred us to Asepsis limited pest control service. At first, we never thought they would control the pests but after one month all the pests were eliminated and now our lawn is pest-free and healthy.

Asepsis limited has been our partner when it comes to eliminate pests on our grass. I would like to recommend Asepsis limited to anyone who is struggling to eliminate pests on his lawn.

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