Lawn sprinklers

Lawn sprinklers have increasingly become important as a form of irrigation. Using automated irrigation via sprinklers considerably saves on water and labour. In fact, it is possible to manage a garden without a full time gardener. As the largest growers and suppliers of lawn grass in East Africa, no one understands lawn irrigation  better.

Pop up sprinkler in Kenya
Pop up sprinkler

Advantages of automatic lawn irrigation

Automatic lawn sprinklers enable one to program the irrigation to run at night for the specified duration and time. Irrigating at night saves water. This is water that would have otherwise been lost through evaporation. Automating lawn sprinklers also enable one to recycle grey water for use on lawns. This is because the automated lawn sprinklers do not need handling by hand.

The garden owner has less management problems with this irrigation system. As a result the gardener utilizes his time better such as in planning and anticipating challenges. For the lawn, deep and sufficient irrigation at the right time gives the best results.

How pop-up irrigation sprinklers work

Pop-up irrigation sprinklers retract to the ground after an irrigation cycle and pop-up during the irrigation cycle. This conceals the sprinklers. On a lawn that is used for recreation or sports, concealing sprinklers is important. For safety and aesthetic reasons it is important to avoid protruding installations on lawns. It is for these reasons that pop up irrigation systems are preferred.

Another advantage of automated irrigation systems is the possibility to inject fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides through the irrigation water. Grass and other plants best utilize fertilizers when it is well dissolved and when administered at the right concentration. Fertigation therefore is a more efficient way of providing nutrients to the lawn and garden than broadcasting. With a well designed irrigation and fertigation system,termiticides and other insecticides can be applied with irrigation water.

Irrigation Equipment

Asepsis Limited has perfected the art and science of designing and installing lawn sprinklers. With our designs, the garden owner, the operator and the lawn grass benefit. We have talented engineers and technicians to ensure that you get the best irrigation system. We also supply high quality irrigation equipment from K-rain in the USA. These are robust equipment that provide reliability and ease of operation.

Other components that are required to have a fully automated irrigation system include pump controllers, Solenoid valves, irrigation computers, electric cables, pipes and associated fittings. The pumps and pump controllers should ideally be housed in one place. This housing commonly referred to as the pump-house should protect these installations from weather elements such as rain, flooding, exposure to sunshine, dust and wind.


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