What is Maadi River grass

Maadi river grass is a bermudagrass species Cynodon dactylon that grows in East Africa. Like all bermuda grasses, it is fine leafed.

How does Maadi river grass look

Maadi river grass has  light blue grey leaves. It is very similar to cape royal grass except that Maadi river larger leaves and hardy stolons

Growth habit of Maadi river grass

Maadi river grass grows by creeping. It grows very slowly. It may look dead for a long time if planted from plugs or sprigs. Maadi river grass produces numerous seed heads. Mowing is therefor necessary to keep it looking good and to keep it in a vegetative state.

Shade tolerance

Maadi river grass has poor tolerance to shade.

Ability to out-compete weeds

Maadi river grass effectively out-competes weeds.

Lawn grasses that grow tightly such as Arabic grass and Zimbabwe out-compete weeds very successfully

Drought and heat tolerance

The drought tolerance of Maadi river is very high.

Mowing frequency

Mow maadi river grass when you see lots of seed heads. It is also imortant to mow it when the growth becomes wild.

Where should Maadi river grass be grown

Grow Maadi River grass in dry and hot areas and where water is scarce. Maadi river grass can be grown where aesthetics is not a major factore

Cold tolerance

Maadi river has medium cold tolerance. It will grow in the highlands but at a slow pace.

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