Pemba grass Stenotaphrum secundatum is also known as Buffalo grass and St. Augustine grass. It is a warm season grass that has a light to dark green colour with broad and flat leaf blades.

Buffalo Grass

Growth habit

The grass spreads by stolons. These are the above ground runners that form a thick sod that creates consistent ground cover.  Leaves and roots grow at the nodes of these stolons allowing for prosperous grass growth.

Shade tolerance

Pemba grass has excellent shade tolerance as long as it is growing in warm and hot regions.

Ability to out-compete weeds

Pemba grass forms a very thick sod. This enables it to completely out-crowd weeds.

Mowing frequency

This grass can grow very aggressively. It therefore requires frequent mowing to keep it growing well, and to control weeds and to keep it looking nice.

Where it grows

The grass grows well in medium-high temperature areas. This grass has low water requirements unless under very high temperatures. The grass also does well under shade in these regions.

Temperature tolerance

Pemba grass has poor cold tolerance. It is ideal for warm and hot regions.

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