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Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.
Pest Control in Kenya
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Common pests in Kenya

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The most common pest problems in Kenya are bedbugs, cockroaches, rats and mice, mosquitoes, ants, termites and snakes. These problems are closely related to urbanization and the fact that an individual or company has little control on housekeeping outside their walls or compound. Pests will co-exist with man and their control is inevitable to prevent risks to health, safety and destruction of materials and property.

Pest control and fumigation

Since pest control and fumigation are used interchangeably in Kenya we will attempt to highlight the differences so that it is easier for our customers to understand the services that are available to them. Fumigation is a technique in pest control that involves the use of gas or aerosols. The use of aerosols enables the chemical fumigant to reach each part of the building or area in question. This is rarely necessary in residual control of pests because as soon as the gas escapes, the control stops. Similarly it is not desirable to have a chemical gas in a home or a facility where people work in.

In homes therefore, the useful method of pest control involves indoor residual spraying and baiting. Indoor residual spraying commonly referred to as IRS involves the use of insecticides that provide a residual coating. These, having been formulated for public health and approved by WHO are very safe and can be used in places that are occupied by people. Baiting on the other hand is the use of attractants as feed to entice the cockroaches and rodents to eat the pesticide. This is an extremely effective means of pest control and it is also very safe.

In General, pest control in Kenya involves spraying, baiting and rarely fumigation. Fumigation is carried out to protect materials from pest damage and uses gas or aerosols. From the above therefore, pest control is a general term while fumigation is a specific technique in pest control

Some of the instances in which fumigation is relevant include the following

  • Grain fumigation
  • Fumigation of wood, timber and wood products
  • Soil fumigation

Grain fumigation

In grain fumigation, products that sublime to gaseous forms are used. These are extremely effective against weevils, rodents and other pests. This is a highly specialized activity that should be done by trained pest control technicians.

Fumigation of wood and timber products

For export purposes, it is required by law and export treaties that all wood products be treated. This applies to items like furniture, packaging materials and curios. In Kenya, Kephis ensures that this is adhered to in line with international best practice. It is therefore illegal to export wood and timber products without a phytosanitary certificate. The current practice in wood and timber treatment involves heat treatment after which a phytosanitary certificate is issued by Kephis.

Soil fumigation

Soil fumigation has become common in Kenya. This is expected to continue as soil borne pathogens and pests become more and more common. For intensive agriculture and horticulture, this is almost inevitable. The target of soil fumigation include nematodes, bacteria and fungi, insect pests and weeds. The common products used in Kenya include Metham Sodium, Dazomet and1,3-Dichloropropene. Methyl bromide an ozone depleting substance is in the final stage of phase out and we cannot recommend its use.

Asepsis Limited will provide you with professional pest control services regardless of your location and the level of infestation. Our experience involves the control of all the pest problems that are common in homes, industries, farms, greenhouses and workplaces.

Rodent Control in Kenya
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Termites Control in Kenya
Termites Control in Kenya


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