How to get rid of bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that can be confused with small cockroaches on casual observation. To prevent infestation is easier than to get rid of bed bugs.  However, after infestation, insecticide spraying can be the only solution. In Kenya, the only method that works to get rid of bed bugs is appropriate insecticide treatment.Contact us on +254792764947 for advice and quick control.

An infestation of bed bugs can occur in clean houses and hotels. An infestation with bed bugs therefore does not mean that you are dirty. However, being untidy and keeping clutter will make the bedbugs thrive and multiply.It is also more difficult to get rid of bed bugs in a cluttered or disorganized house.

Asepsis Limited has rescued many clients who were on the brink of throwing out all their furniture and bedding. Some had moved away from their beds and had been sleeping on the floor.  We have met people who have moved out of their houses or were seriously considering abandoning all their property and moving out. An infestation by bed bugs can therefore not be ignored for long. In our experience many do-it-yourself efforts to get rid of bed bugs achieve poor results.

To avoid infestation by bed bugs

New infestation by frequently comes from interacting with the infestation. These can be;

  • By sleeping elsewhere apart from home such as infested hotels and homes
  • Use of public transport like taxis and buses
  • Visitors can bring bedbugs from various places that are infested such as their previous residences, educational institutions, hospitals, prisons and from public transport

After a road trip by, say to Kampala or Kigali or even within the country by bus or taxi, the following actions will keep you safe from bedbugs

  • On arrival, unpack in the open or in the laundry room. Avoid unpacking in the bedroom, sitting room and any other rooms
  • Change clothes and take them to the laundry room as soon as possible. If this is not practical for you, change clothes, bag them in a polythene bag and keep them away from other clothes,  beds, seats and other furniture.
  • Wash the fabrics as soon as possible and dry them in the sun
    To treat infestation

Call Asepsis Limited on +254792764947 to ensure the safety of children and other occupants of the home or facility is assured. As pest control professionals we understand the insects behavior and life cycle. with this knowledge we can easily get rid of bed bugs.
Usually, one treatment is not enough to get rid of the bedbugs. We therefore advice that follow up treatment is done.

Fumigant gases containing phosphine should not be used to get rid of bedbugs in residences. This is because the gas destroys electrical items. A reaction occurs between copper and the products of the gas forming a compound. This in effect destroys copper conductors.

To reduce bedbug populations

  •  Keep the houses and rooms well lit
  •  Air the bedding, seat covers, cushions and other laundry in the sun
  •  Keep items like beds, sideboards, bookshelves and clothes away from walls and off the ground
  •  Regularly clean surfaces and laundry
  • Treat new houses before occupying them especially if there were previous tenants or owners
  • Treat all second hand furniture immediately after such as beds and sofas before taking them into your house 
  • Make it a practice to change clothes as soon as you reach home

If you call in a pest control professional to get rid of bed bugs in your home or work place, the following preparations will save time;

  • Disassemble the beds and keep the mattress to the side of the room
  • Remove all cushions and place them on the floor but not on the bed or carpet
  • Open all windows
  • Remove all curtains and lay them on the floor for easy application of the pesticide
  • Have a contact person on hand
  • Arrange to have children away for the period advised by the pest control professional

 Bedbugs control in institutions and schools

Why you have bedbugs



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