For indoor plants in Kenya, scroll below to see that we supply. You can select product categories or individual products above. This allows you to purchase these plants online or from any of our garden centres. Studies by NASA have demonstrated that indoor plants help remove harmful substances from the air. Other studies have shown that having plants indoors promote physical, psychological and emotional wellness. In offices, plants have been found to improve problem solving. In general, indoor plants are adapted to low light conditions. Few of  the indoor plants produce colourful flowers. The beauty of a majority of these plants lies in their foliage and growth habit. Indoor plants or house plqnts come in many forms. Some are trailing and hanging, some are trees snd shrubs, some are edible and some are climbers. The foliage also comes in different colours. They come in different shades of green, different forms of variegation, and some in amany other leaf and stem colours. Some indoor plants in Kenya such as anthurrium produce colourful flowers. In a home, is no shortage of places to have your plants. You can have them on your balcony, front and back porch, kitchen, windowsills, table tops, stairway landings, on sinks, in the sitting room and many other places. In offices, plants can be placed in numerous places such as desktops, in corners, on windowsills and many other places. Plants can also be planted in special pots that can serve as pen holders. Plants are very popular in hotels and restaurants. They make very good screens providing cozy sitting areas and greatly improving the ambience of the facility. Apart from indoor plants or house plants, see other categories by clicking on the linke below.

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