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Grevillea tree seedlings

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Asepsis Limited grows and supplies Grevillea  tree seedlings for forestry, agroforestry, agriculture and landscape uses.

Grevillea Robusta is a hardy tree that is best known for its suitability in Agroforestry. It can be grown amongst many crops without affecting the yields.

Grevillea is a popular tree in Kenya because apart from agroforestry,  the tree provides timber and construction poles.  Grevillea enriches the soil when it’s leaves fall to the ground below.

A native of Australia,  this tree has been introduced to many parts of the world because of its hardiness and usefulness.

Grevillea produces red and orange flowers. Grevillea trees form seeds and it’s from these seeds that seedlings are grown.   The leaves of Grevillea tree are fern like. The plant grows straight up with one main trunk. From these trunk,  various branches grow.  These branches produce other sub-branches from where the leaves grow.

To order Grevillea tree seedlings call us on +254792764947. You can also buy the seedlings online or from our garden centres.

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