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This is for Isuzu FRR and FSR or Mitsubishi FH

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For Manure in Kenya Contact Asepsis Limited on +254792764947. We sell goat,cow, chicken or other farmyard manure. Manure improves the soil by adding organic matter an nutrients.

Manure also helps in water retention and in controlling soil borne pathogens by increasing microbial activity in the soil.

Manure can also control nematodes. Many soils in Kenya are infested with nematodes. In these soild increasing organic matter can introduce beneficial micro-organisms that help in controlling nemnemato as well as controlling soil borne fungi. Soil borne fungi attack crops that have been wounded by nematodes.

Manure is popular in landscaping,hort horticulture and agriculture. In fact there is hardly enough manure at the right place to serve the conaumers.

  • In landscaping manure is mixed with red soil. Red soil soil has many good characteristics and making it popular with landscapers.

In agriculture,manure is used to enrich the soil especially by farmers who grow annual and short period crops. Many soils are exhausted in areas where vegatables are grown year round such as the counties of Kiambu and Nyandarua. The farmers in such areas have realised over time that without manure, good yields cannot be expected.

In horticulture,manure can be blended with pumice or cocopeat. In pumice, manure improves the water holding capacity and provides nutrition. In cocopeat manure is a nutrients buffer.

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