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Asepsis Agriculture is involved in the raising of various planting materials. The goal is to have uniform healthy seedlings in Kenya that will guarantee a good start in growing. A good start is extremely important to any agricultural or horticultural venture.

Some of the products we have include the following. 

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All the seedlings are sold in trays and the trays are returnable. In the trays we use soil-less media to greatly enhance quality. Contact us for young plants including tomatoes, spinach, cabbages, onions, peppers and chilies, water melon and brassicas ( kales, broccoli, cauliflower), herbs and many others.

We also raise flower seedlings such as roses, carnation, limonium, bourganivilleas and hedge plants such as kei-apple.

As far as trees are concerned, contact us for indigenous trees and exotic trees such as cypress, grivellia and eucalyptus.

For Tomato, we produce both determinate and indeterminate varieties. These are available on order and come in various sizes. For transport to farther areas, we recommend that one obtains larger plants and transports them with care

Reasons to buy young plants from Asepsis Agriculture

  • We will ensure plant purity
  • We will provide you with disease free plants
  • You will get uniform plants
  • The plants will be innoculated with Trichoderma to enhance resistance to soith borne fungi
  • The plants have been hardened to minimize transplant losses
  • The final grower has enough time to prepare his farm and greenhouse to the required standards and not hurry to transplant because of overgrowing plants
  • We will provide you with Agronomic support and other after sales services

Before placing the order

  • Determine the type and variety of plant that you require
  • Determine the number of plants that you require
  • Prepare the planting area to avoid unnecessary delays after purchase

On receiving the plants

  • Unwrap them immediately and place them in a mildly shaded area
  • Water them if they look water stressed or mist them
  • Transplant them early in the morning or late in the evening if the weather is harsh
  • Begin appropriate crop protection measures immediately
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