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Sewer blockages

Sewer blockages are a common problem. Blocked sewers will be idenbtified by the presence of overflows and bad odor. The overflows that are a health hazard because they contaminate the living environment. In addition to this, relationships with neighbours can be damaged badly.

At Asepsis Limited we have the capabilities to handle all types of sewage and waste water. We provide exhauster services in Nairobi and Mombasa and the areas around these cities. Contact us for services in homes , commercial and public amenities. Be assured of a professional, speedy service that is affordable.

Contact us on 0792764947 to unblock you sewers and to identify the root causes of the blockage. Identifying root causes prevents the problem from recurring and protects you from future costly repairs and probable system replacement costs. Often, an exhauster will be required when unlocking to suck away the excess water.

Exhauster services

The frequency with which you need to exhaust your septic tank  depends on on how fast the tank is filling up. For a typical household, the frequency is two to three times in a year.

Exhasuter services are aimed at emptying the septic tank before an overflow occurs. This is however rare because people rely on visual observations before calling for exhauster services. It is therefore important to install a high level indicator in a septic tank. By use of a light bulb or an audio alarm, you will know the time to exhaust. This will avoid overflows. Call 0792764947 as soon as you need exhauster services.


If you are constructing a building in an area where sewerage is unavailable we recommend that you consider a bio-digester, this minimizes the need to spend on exhauster services. The use of biodigesters also allows you to re-use waste water for other purposes such as lawn irrigation.


How biodigesters work

Biodigester prices and sizes

Asepsis Limited will comply with all local, county and national laws and by-laws. We adhrers to NEMA standards and guidelines  in all our undertakings

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  1. What would be the rough estimate of a residential house aprtments with eight two bedrooms.and area needed to build the biodigester?

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