Sports Pitch Grass Types

Some grass types are suitable for sports pitches. The suitability results from the characteristics of the grass such as resistance to traffic, self repair capabilities, colour, texture, drought tolerance and heat tolerance. The best sports pitch grass for tropical conditions is Tiffsport. This type of grass can be used for soccer pitches, golf course greens, tennis pitches and other sports surfaces where a beautiful lawn is desired. Tiffsport grass allows the balls to roll very well and in a predictable manner. In fact, this type of grass is FIFA approved.

Other grass types that can be used for sports pitches are Kikuyu grass and Bayview. Kikuyu grass is suitable for rugby pitches because of its thick growth habit. In rugby the padding effect of this grass is suitable to avoid injuries when players fall on it.

Bent grass is used on golf greens at high altitudes because it performs well under cool conditions. In low altitude and warm conditions, the cost of maintenance can be very high.

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