Also known as football, soccer is the most popular game globally. Soccer is an outdoor sport that is played in all countries. The most important facility in the game of soccer is a playing field. Countries and communities with consistent succes in the game have invested heavily in the construction of soccer pitches. This enables the development of the game among the young players at all ages. A usual game of soccer consists of 11 players on each opposing side. The goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible against the opposing side. For leisure games, few players such as 5 aside and 7 aside are common too. In this article, we will also discuss the dimensions of a soccer pitch.

Dimensions of a soccer pitch

A soccer pitch is typically a rectangle. See the details below for the official dimensions of a soccer pitch.

FIFA Size Soccer Pitch

Types of Surfaces Used in Soccer Pitches

Soccer is typically played on natural grass pitches. This is the international Standard. There are less injuries on natural grass pitches and there are less dust and heat problems. Other surfaces include artificial grass and sand.

Natural Grass Soccer Pitches

Several species and varieties of grass have been bred for use in soccer fields. When choosing a variety, pay attention to the following factors;

  • Climate. Some grass varieties perform better in warm climates or seasons and some in cool climates or seasons. Some grass varieties are poorly suited to grow in dry and hot climates while some will tolerate hardship
  • Water quality (is the water saline, alkaline or fresh?). Different grass species and varieties have different tolerances to water quality
  • Light levels. Some grass varieties can tolerate low light conditions. Many grow well under full sun
  • Wear tolerance. In general, sports pitch grass varieties should have a high level of wear tolerance. Where climate, light and water quality permit, choose the most wear tolerant variety.

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Artificial grass pitches

Artificial grass has been manufactured to mimic the properties of natural grass. This is not perfect because of the fact that artificial grass can get hot and it can trap dust. Injuries and scrapes can occur to players on natural grass. In spite of these drawbacks, there are situations where natural grass may nit be feasible due to the following.

  • For commercial estate pitches where there are numerous games in a day and for which the teams or players are charged per hour.
  • When the game must be played indoors such that light and water are a limitation

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Sand Pitches

  • These pitches are usual for beach football and for recreation mostly in coastal towns.

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