Sports is extremely important in a society. Sports has the following functions in society

  • Sports unites people and communities worldwide
  • Sports is a source of recreation and relaxation
  • Sports is one of the greatest contributors to health and well-being
  • Sports has very important life lessons like discipline, strategy, tactics, focus, winning and losing

At Asepsis Limited, we believe in the importance of sports and we have invested heavily in ensuring that we make the playing and spectating experience great. In sports, the playing surface is a great contributor to satisfaction and the quality of the play.A soccer pitch, rugby pitch, hockey field or golf course functionality depends so much on the playing surface itself.

Some of the products that we have include all types of grass and turf, artificial surfaces and sports pitch enhancements. For golf courses we have the tifdwarf bermudagrass also refereed to as the bent grass for the greens and other grasses for fairways . We also sell plant growth regulators to reduce the frequency of mowing as well us selective and non-selective herbicides.





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