The playing field surface

Sports pitch surfaces are the most important parts of a sports pitch or playground.  For field sports, natural grass is the most preferred although artificial grass and hybrid systems are also used.

Asepsis Limited sells all types of turf grasses for playing fields or playgrounds. These can be used to set up new pitches, rehabilitate new pitches or patch up worn out areas such as goal mouths and the center of the pitches.

Natural grass on sports pitch surfaces

Natural grass is the best playing surface for many sports. In fact, all high profile soccer and rugby games are played on natural grass. Golf is always played on natural grass. The choice of which grass to use is determined by the type of sport and the climate. Consider the following when choosing the type of grass for a sports pitch

  • The grass surface should ensure that the ball behaves in a predictable manner.
  • The grass must have high wear tolerance to resist frequent use
  • The grass should have good self-repair capabilities
  • The grass should have a good colour for the players, spectators and TV viewers

For sports pitch surfaces, we recommend Tiff Sport, Tifton and Kikuyu grass. Tiff sport grass and Tifton grass are extremely resistant to drought and traffic. For golf greens, use Tiff Spsort in low altitudes and Bentgrass in high altitudes

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Hybrid grass systems

Hybrid grass systems make use of a combination of natural grass and articicial fibres for reinforcement. Some of the pitches that have this system include, the Arsenal FC Emirates Stadium, The Liverpool FC stadium, Arena de Sao Paulo in Brazil, The Twickenham Rugby Stadium and the Peter Mokaba Stadium in South Africa among others. The hybrid grass systems makes the naural grass more resilient to traffic stress.

At Asepsis Limited we have have developed great partnerships with leading international companies to deliver any kind of pitch in Africa.



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