Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.
Please call or email us to confirm the availability of the product you want before making a payment.

Tifsport Grass Appearance


TifSport Grass rolled out at the German School, Nairobi

Tifsport grass is a drought, cold and pest resistant grass variety that is characterized by its emerald-green colour, stiff upright leaf blades and superior sod density and strength. It is a popular choice for sport pitches, golf courses and landscaping.


Growth Habits

Tifsport is grown as sods, rolls or sprigs(stolons) and performs well under low nutrition and minimal management. Strong lateral stolon growth and a deep complex vertical root structure is another characterizing feature for Tifsport grass. Tifsport has a dense turf and has very good lateral growth that results in rapid grow-in and repair. The dense turf that Tifsport offers is very good for ground cover and erosion control.



Being a superior grass variety, Tifsport is drought resistant meaning it has a high tolerance for heat. Tifsport also has a high tolerance for cold and is known to be pest resistant as it rarely has any insect problems. As a result of its dense turf and minimal nutrition requirements, Tifsport has a high ability to out-compete weeds. Due to its minimal management requirements, Tifsport is known to have low mowing requirements. It doesn’t have to be mowed often, though a regular mowing schedule is advised. It can also tolerate very low-height mowing as well.


Ideal Locations for Tifsport Grass

This grass grows well in warm tropical climates around East Africa. For example, around Nairobi, Kenya and its environs. This grass is very good for sport pitches such as football pitches, rugby pitches, golf courses and cricket fields because of how well Tifsport grass can handle the “wear and tear” of being played on. It is also ideal for landscaping uses such as in institutions, parks, gardens or even residential lawns.

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