Look and morphology

Variegated paspalum grass is very similar to paspalum grass except that it has white strips on the leaves. The white strips run parallel to the leaf veins of the grass. This gives the grass a distinct and nice looking white and green pattern.  Like paspalum grass, the variegated type has broad leaves. s

Growth habit

Variegated paspalum grass spread by creeping stolons.

Shade tolerance

Paspalum grass has poor shade tolerance and grows best in full sun. As such, this grass should be planted in areas where sunlight reaches well. From the stolons, roots and leaves grow at the nodes.

Ability to out-compete weeds

The variegated paspalum grass can out-compete weeds successfully if mowing is done regularly.

Drought and heat tolerance

The variegated paspalum grass has medium tolerance to drought, Watering is therefore important in hot conditions.

Mowing frequency

Mowing ought to be done regularly. The key thing to remember is to ensure that at least a third of the grass is left after the mowing.

Areas to grow

Variegated paspalum grass can be grown as a full lawn or to accentuate a green lawn. Grow this grass in full sun for maximum benefit.

Cold tolerance

Variegate paspalum grass will hardly grow in cold regions. It should therefore not be considered in high altitude areas.

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