Variegated Pemba grass

Variegated pemba grass  Stenotaphrum secundatum variegatum also known as stripped St. Augustine grass a type of pemba grass with white strips on its leaves. It is commonly grown as a lawn, lawn edging or as an ornamental.

Look and Morphology

The grass has white strips along the veins of the leaf.. It is very similar to Pemba grass except for the white variegations on the leaf

Growth habit

Variegated pemba grass is a creeping grass. It can creep agressively when the conditions of temperature, water and nutrition are favourable. Apart from growing as a lawn, veriegated pemba grass can be grown as an ornamental such as a hanging garden.

Shade tolerance

The stripped pemba grass will tolerate moderate shade. While it will not die indoors, the rate of growth is very slow. As an indoor plant therefore, the grass should be taken indoors after achieving the required size and shape

Ability to out-compete weeds

The stripped St. Augustine grass completely outcrowds weeds because of its tight and very compact growth habit.

Drought and heat tolerance

Like Pemba grass, this grass will tolerate high temperatures. Watering is necessary in the hot areas.

Mowing frequency

To give Variegated pemba grass a good look, mow it as frequently as wild growth is observed. While the grass can tolerate low mowing, avoid mowing too low for quick recovery.

Where should variegated pemba grass be grown

Variegated pemba grass can be grown as a full lawn, an edging to a lawn, to give pattern to a landscape, in hanging baskets and as a ground cover.

Cold tolerance

Variegated pemba grass becomes dormant in cold conditions. It is therefore an unsuitable option for cold regions.

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