Weed control services

Contact us for chemical weed control for your lawn, yard, parking lot or farm. We understand weeds and we know how to control them. Weeds are versatile and have a very effective survival mechanism. The control of weeds must take into account this characteristic for it to be effective.

Weed control on lawn grass

On lawn grass, different types of weeds are expected. These include broad-leaf weeds, annual grass weeds, perennial grass weeds and shrubs. The strategy for controlling these weeds will take into account the specific biology of the weed in question. In general it is more difficult to control grass weeds in grass than it is to control broad leaf weeds. Resistance also occurs to herbicides and the selection must of a herbicide must be done well.

Use of selective weed killers can be an effective way to control broad-leaf weeds. The choice of product and the application should be done by a skilled professional to prevent scorching of the lawn and to obtain the desired results.

Weed control in sports facilities

Because of frequent use and stress on sports facility grass surfaces, weeds are common. In Kenya, the common weeds in sports facilities include water grass, broad-leaf weeds and other undesired grass species. Contact Asepsis Limited for advice on weed control in sports pitches and sports grounds.

Weed control on cabro, paving blocks and parking lots

Weeds will often grow between paving slabs. This is because, moisture, light and nutrients are available for plant growth. If left unchecked, the weeds can damage the paving. Poor control results in a vicious cycle which is difficult to break. In paving slabs, pre-emergent herbicides and other herbicides can be used as long as the timing is effective.

Weed control in pastures

Just like in lawns, weeds in pastures are a common problem. In pastures, presence of some weeds can cause livestock health problems including death. It is therefore important to keep pastures weed free. Poor or lack of control of weeds in pastures will eventually degrade the pasture field such that it eventually becomes bushy. A bushy pasture field will habor dangerous animals and pests such as snakes, rodents and predators to livestock.

Weed control for railways, roads and other infrastructure

Weeds often grow on railways, roads and other infrastructure such as pipelines and dams. These have a negative effect on safety , security and aesthetics. The weeds can range from annual grasses and annual broadleaf weeds to perennial grasses and shrubs.

Often, it is difficult to control these manually due to the vastness and remoteness of the locations as well as the prohibitive cost of using labour or machines. In such cases, use of the right chemicals can effectively control these weeds restoring the infrastructure to the desired state.

Contact Asepsis Limited for rapid and effective control of bushes and weeds.

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