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As we all know, having indoor plants gives your home and/or office a beautiful aesthetic as well as that touch of nature that complements interior design. So here are some tips that will ensure that all your indoor/house plants stay healthy and looking good.

  1. Let’s start with the soil and potting methods.

First and foremost, you need an ideal soil mix for your plants. Try organic potting mixes that are drainage friendly or compost soil mixes that are fertile and also drainage friendly. For the pots or planters, ensure that they have drainage holes to ensure the soil doesn’t get waterlogged after watering thereby suffocating the plant. If your pots don’t have drainage holes, you can spread some pebbles at the bottom of your pots to ensure that after adding the soil and watering, the soil doesn’t sit in the water.

  • Water your plants in moderation.

A common mistake made with indoor plants is overwatering or under-watering. Of course, plants have different watering requirements, but for most of them watering early in the morning and late in the evening is ideal. For those that with less water needs, you can water them twice or thrice a week thoroughly but infrequently. This ensures your house plants stay well hydrated at all times. Touching the soil in the pot also lets you gauge how much moisture the plants has or needs.

  • Lighting is also just as important as water.

All your indoor plants need light to stay healthy; though they may have different light requirements. For most house plants, placing them in areas where they’ll get direct sunlight for long periods of the day (six or more hours) such as near windows is ideal. Researching on the kind of plants you own will also be really helpful to know their light requirements.

  • Stability and Air Flow are other vital aspects that help.

Indoor plants love stability. Avoid moving them around your house or office a lot once you’ve already established an ideal place for them. What you can do is perhaps rotate them so that all faces of your indoor plants get adequate access to light. Airflow is also crucial to maintain healthy house plants. Still air can lead to the plants developing some ailments. Invest in some ceiling fans or regularly open windows to ensure air is circulating in your home or office.

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