Lawn mower hire services

Our lawn mower hire services are designed to beauty to our customers’ lawns. A well manicured lawn is desirable in all lawns. Asepsis Limited will provide lawn mowing services to ensure that¬† your lawn remains neat at all times.

Contact us for lawn mowing and for lawn striping services. lawn striping makes a lawn look like a professional sports pitch.

Reasons to mow your lawn regularly

Regular lawn mowing has many advantages that include the following;

  • Encouraging the grass to spread laterally to form a uniformly thick surface
  • Preventing infestation by pests
  • Preventing fungal diseases which thrive on damp conditions
  • Preventing the growth of weeds by stressing them regularly
  • Enabling the use of the lawn for sports and playing
  • Improving the aesthetic appeal.

Contact us on 0792764947 and we will provide a well serviced machine as well as an experienced operator. This will ensure a perfect job.

Lawn mowing requires skill to ensure the best results.

Rules of Thumb when mowing grass

  • Do not cut more than one third at each cutting session. Allow at least two days for recovery should you want to cut lower
  • Avoid mowing your grass when it is water-stressed
  • Mow before dusk to avoid diseases. Wounds are entry points for lawn diseases
  • Control weeds before regularly and do not allow them to seed. This will avoid spreading of weed seeds.
  • Ensure that the lawn has no rocks or metal parts. These can damage the mower blades
  • Recycle grass clippings so that the soil is re-nourished. This is encouraged during the dry season. In very wet conditions, collect the clippings and compost them to return nutrients to the soil
  • Ensure safety for the operator, children and any other person around. PPE should be worn at all times when operating a lawn mower

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