We provide complete end-to-end lawn care services and solutions. Contact us on +254111050911 for a level and healthy lawn . The services include the following:

  • Feasibility studies for projects
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Engineering survey and leveling
  • Ground preparation
  • Advise on the choice of grass to plant
  • Lawn irrigation
  • Supply and planting of lawn grass and sports pitch grass
  • Weed control (Control of annual grass weeds)
  • Weed control (Control of broadleaf weeds)
  • Lawn aeration or Aerification
  • Rolling and leveling
  • Top dressing with soil, compost or cocopeat
  • Top dressing of grass with sand
  • Mowing of grass
  • Lawn striping
  • Edging and edge management
  • Control of termites and insects
  • Control of grass diseases
  • Control of nematodes in grass
  • Application of compost and manure
  • Application of fertilizers
  • Application of plant growth regulators to manage height
  • Lawn colorant to enhance colour in case of grass dormancy and sicoloration

A feasibility study is important for any large lawn project. Proper feasibility and recommendation will avoid costly remedial lawn care services later . For example, in hot areas, the grass that should be planted should be drought tolerant. For sports pitches and sports ground, a wear tolerant grass types is desired. See our grass classification table for more information.

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Its important to understand your soil prior to a lawn grass project and during the life of the project. Many soil characterstics influence the growth of a lawn. These include EC, Salinity levels, pH, Nutrient status and pathological status among others. Professional lawn care services can include soil testing to underst the soil status. Soil testing for this purpose is extremely important. To get a reliable test, proper soil sampling must be done.

Engineering survey and leveling aims at achieving a consistent level surface for a lawn or sports pitch. This in turn enables proper drainage and the proper execution of other lawn care services such as mowing, and aerification. It is generally easier to maintain a lawn whose level is consistent and whose drainage is good.

Our lawn care services team provides ground preparation services. These include grading, excavation, cutting and filling, backfilling with suitable soil, leveling, application of manure and other services to ensure that our customers do not have challenges in managing their lawns and sports pitches after installation.

Proper choice of the right type of grass to plant is extremely important. Grass types differ. They grow differenty in different conditions and have distinct characteristics. This in turn has an impact on the success and costs of any lawn management activities later. Refer to our guidelines on choosing the type of grass to plant or contact us for advice.

Proper lawn management includes proper and timely irrigation. Plants use water to move nutrients from the soil. Without sufficient water, grass goes dormant. If this continues for too long, dryness can occur. irrigation is not just about water application. Irrigation encompasses the timing, quantity, interval and duration of the watering. Contact our lawn care services team for advise on irrigation. We have the capabilities to design and install fully automatic or manual lawn irrigation systems and to advice on the proper operation of these systems.

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