Indoor plants in Kenya

For indoor plants in Kenya, visit us at our garden center at TRM and on the Eastern bypass. We will ship to any location in Kenya and East Africa.

For generations, indoor plants have been known to improve wellness. A study by NASA has demonstrated that indoor plants can remove harmful pollutants from the air.

Plants can be planted or places in every conceivable space. In a house, one can have indoor plants on windowsills,sink tops, toilet tops,bathrooms,table tops,kitchen counters and such places.

Indoor plants can also be used as room dividers and screens. By placing some plants in a certain way,one can define spaces.

In offices, plants can be placed on desktops,lobbies, besides desks, against walls and on every space.

In restaurants and hotels,indoor plants can be used to create cozy private spaces and and to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

In general all plants can grow indoors. All that is needed is to provide the conditions that will make the plant thrive. When placing any plant indoors, pay attention to light,mositure, temperature and other important environmental requirements.

Many plants that are grown indoors tolerate low light conditions. Many of them do not produce blooms and are desired for their beautiful foliage,texture and growing habit.

Given a certain growing environment, one should choose a plant or groups of plants that can thrive. Otherwise,one should adjust the growing environment. In case of low light conditions indoors, a plant that loves light can be grown next to a window.

At Asepsis Ltd, we grow and supply many types of plants. Visit any of our facilities or order plants from us online.

From us, you will also get different types of pots and containers to suit your taste or the uniqueness of your project.

Plants require nutrients to thrive. This can be added as fertilizer,manure or slow release fertilizers. We will recommend to you the best type of fertilizer manure to apply as well as the measures and ratios.

For pest and disease problems our field biologists will help in the identification and treatment. Feel free to report to us any issues that you see on your plants.