Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue is also referred to as micro-propagation. It is the growing of plant tissue or cells in sterile medium and conditions. Plant tissue culture is often done in glass jars. For this reason it is also called term in-vitro production. Tissue culture plants are also called in-vitro plants. The techniques employed in plant tissue culture are premised on the fact that each plant cell and tissue is capable of becoming a full plant. This is known as totipotency. In theory a single plant cell has an ability to differentiate into all other differentiate cells that make up a plant.

Tissue culture plants in Kenya
Tissue culture plants in a laboratory

Plant Tissue Culture in Kenya by Asepsis Limited

Asepsis Limited is a leader in plant biotechnology in East Africa. Our technologies include plant tissue culture for micro-propagation of plants. We also undertake conventional propagation of plants for sale as seedlings and as fully grown plants. This is done in our fully owned in-house plant tissue culture laboratory that is certified by Kephis.

Plant Tissue plants

Asepsis Limited produces plantation crops, ornamentals, medicinal and horticulture plants

  • The plantation crops include potatoes, sugar cane and bamboo
  • The ornamental plants include many types of cut flowers and garden plants. These include limonium, anthurrium, gerbera, cycad and many others
  • The medicinal and aromatic plants include aloe vera and bixa while
  • The horticultural plants that we grow include many banana varieties and strawberry

Contract production

On request,  Asepsis Limited undertakes contract production for government agencies, NGOs, Private companies and even private individuals who are interested in rapid multiplication of clean planting materials.


Our tissue culture lab can be offered for research purposes at a fee. To get bench space, one has to book in advance. For more information on this,  please contact us by telephone or email.

Plant cleaning

Plant tissue technology enables the cleaning of plants so that they are virus free. Clean virus free plants grow fast and have a higher yield. Regular cultivar cleaning interrupts seed and planting material regeneration process. To achieve this, the proven intervention technique is meristem tissue culture.

Nurseries Support

We support private and community seedlings nurseries in various ways. One of the ways we do this is by providing hardened plants along with clean and certified planting materials. The goal is to ensure that the nurseries are able to supply their customers with quality planting materials.

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