Lawn Topdressing services

Lawn topdressing is one of the lawn care services that we as asepsis offer to our clients. This lawn care service involves spreading a thin layer of compost, sand and other important fertilizer on your lawn. This is meant to fix the soil of your lawn while letting the already plant grow through the compost. Our experienced team makes sure that they do not suffocate your lawn grass with a thick layer of compost. In lawns where water pooling is a problem after aeration, sand can be applied this will improve the soil drainage.


Benefits of turf topdressing.

  • When you topdress your lawn it might help to level bumpy parts of the lawn and make them much smoother
  • In cases, there is new grass sod or seeds that have been planted on a lawn it is necessary to top-dress the lawn so as to make them in direct contact with the soil for better germination.
  • When lawn topdressing is done properly it will encourage decomposition of any thatch buildup.
  • Lawn topdressing helps to add nutrients to the lawn and also improves drainage.
  • Adding compost to your lawn helps to reduce compaction on the lawn’s soil.
  • When lawn topdressing is combined with aeration, it helps grassroots to get the required nutrients that the grass requires.
  • This helps to reintroduce microorganisms to the soil that are important to the grass.
  • In sports pitches and golf pitches where there is high traffic, topdressing will help to reduce stress on the grass.
  • Topdressing can help reduce diseases that might attack the grass.

Asepsis team has specialized in topdressing lawn services which is part of our lawn care services. We will help you take care of your lawn grass to keep it looking good throughout the year. In case of any question feel free to contact us


I have a very busy schedule but Asepsis limited helps me keep my lawn healthy by topdressing. Their services are pocket-friendly and I would recommend anybody who has a lawn and he or she needs to keep the lawn healthy.

I love this service(topdressing) and would recommend it to anyone. My Lawn now looks more greener and beautiful than before and I get a lot of questions from my friends asking me the secrets of keeping a beautiful lawn.

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