Septic and Sewerage Repairs

Septic and Sewerage Repairs

If you’ve ever experienced a problem with your septic tank, cesspit, sewage treatment plant or pumping station, you’ll know how disruptive it can be. Fortunately, help is at hand with Asepsis, the experts in domestic and industrial wastewater management. Problems with waste water tretament and management systems involve leaks. odours and smells, breakages and cracks, blockages and the release of poor quality water. In Kenya and East Africa, waste water is usually directed to septic tanks, sewerage systems and bio-digesters. of these, the septic tank is the most expensive to build and maintain.

Leaks and blockages are some of the most common problems with waste water treatment systems. The difficulty is  usually in identifying the location of the leak, the cause of the leak and more even difficult is reaching the leak. At Asepsis Limited we have advanced techniques to identify and solve any leak problems.

• Septic Tank, Cesspit and Treatment Plant Inspections and Repairs

• Tank Installations

• Blockage removal

• Sewage Treatment Plant and Pump Station Servicing and Maintenance

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